Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The ‘lost’ Game... (I am lost Sumi)

‘Every thing is a mirage and you are the epitome,
do you know where I keep you in my world?’,
thus your question started our evening.

I just said a ‘No...’

You were in your flow
and did not stop answering your own question
‘Nowhere but everywhere’

I could smile and tell you
‘That was an expected response’

‘What would be the unexpected then?
I would like to give you a surprise.
Don’t tell me nothing can surprise you’
Your words were pouring into our sphere.

I was still calm to say,
‘Everything surprises me equally,
but tell me what you want to tell to surprise me?’

You stepped back from the playground saying
‘Nothing, I am yet to think about it’

My play had just started then,
‘You need not think,
it will come to you otherwise’

You too were relieved as the game was coming to an end
‘Oh! then I will wait’

I was still tempted to eternalise the play
‘You need not even wait,
it might have already come to you.
Just that you never noticed’

Are we still playing the game dear?

Lock and key...

‘You are not giving anyone the key, how am I to explore your sphere?’

‘But dear, I don’t have any locks either, how am I to open myself to you?

We were there...

In that very moment you said to me
‘It is a carefully wrapped lie’
I could just smile and tell
‘No dear it is an un-carefully uncovered truth’
Do you remember why I said so?
I don’t.

Being organic...

A life’s response
A mind’s reaction
Meaningless extensions
Mysterious continuations
Dead or alive
You are there and also not
Rip it or reap it
The harvest is on
Another season may never start

Monday, November 16, 2009

isn't it Uma?

Frogs are cool
and the pond is warm,
do we need another rain?