Friday, November 30, 2007

...stringless music

The first string of my instrument
Was simply broken
When you started laughing.

And there is no one string
Which is now properly functioning.

Still, it is strange that
My music is being played endlessly…

Thursday, November 29, 2007

... a feather brings the spring

The tree was in a grave silence.
Having few living leaves on its branches
and a heap of withered leaves around its roots.
An unusual autumn.

Surprisingly then the bird flew over it
By leaving a silent feather.

Which would now bring the tree
Its next spring...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

...omnipresence of the bird

The wind was talking to the tree this evening
“Are you not worried as the bird is not there on your branch?”

There happened few meditative moments
And the tree answered
“I am not because the bird was only sitting on my branch earlier,
but now it is omnipresent all through my extremes”

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

...wings of the tree

Again the same bird was there on the tree
To render its sermon
“You can’t realise freedom
You are bound to the earth
Your roots are your shackles”

There was then a mystical silence
Before the tree said with a smile
“No dear, they are wings of different nature”

...prevention is not better than cure

Once told the bird to the tree
“It is my freedom which prevents me from sitting on you for a long time”
Then the tree had to say
“Dear it may not be the freedom which is preventing you
But the fear of losing the same”

...another vacuum

It is great that you now leave a vacuum in me
Which can hold the whole universe in it
But it would have been greater
If you yourself could have filled it…

a cage a bird and a sky

It was indeed a vast sky in my hands
With a sun a moon and many stars
The bird but unfolded its wings and flew away
By saying that as a cage, though made of gold…

Sunday, November 25, 2007

... day after tomorrows

You have simply put the weight of a century
On a single day.
And it is not that much easy
To experience a hundred years of solitude
In one day's time...

Friday, November 23, 2007

... another paradox

You bring my silence
Whenever you come.

And while going away,
You leave me amidst
The mad rush of words.

Strange familiarity you are...

A drop of fire...

You feel that
You left only a small drop of fire
On that evening...
But that was my sun for the next day.

Of course the day was then warm enough
To leave me alone in this chilled night...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

... and we solved it

I raised the question and
You found the answer
In the very next moment
To our surprise
There was no question and no answer...
But a mysterious smile!

Monday, November 19, 2007

...let it melt away

It was a winter when she asked
“Who is going to break the ice finally?”
I replied
“No need to break… it will melt away when the spring comes…”

...thamassoma jyotir gamaya

She was once telling
“I love the darkness of this world…”
I then pleaded to her
“Thus you are the right one to take me to the light…” is all about

It was another day when the question was
“Is life all about dealing with complex thoughts?”
And the answer was
“No… but it is all about taking simple decisions…”

...yes it is

Again asked the same friend
“Is it possible to look at the silence?”
I had to answer then
“Yes it is… as we can listen to the sight…”

...the war is on

Once asked my friend
“Why do you burn your midnight lamps?”
I then answered her with a deep smile
“The nation never sleeps when the war is on…”

Saturday, November 17, 2007

In the name of...

Let us have the first cup of our tea today
Lying down on our relaxed chair
As our mothers and sisters are not the ones who got raped

Let anything be the reason…
Communal violence or the so called economic development
It has not strip teased our daughters yet

Let us wish a good day to each other
And then share our sympathies over the abducted ones
Just before getting into our safety 'nets'

Let us continue to work from our 'workshops'
And still be socially sensitive
As we are assured of reaching home safer and so our spouses

Let us raise our voice against all the injustices
And not the hands, not even the eyes…
As to do justice to our personal comfort

In the name of Vodafone
In the name of God
In the name of Google
In the name of Development
In the name of Pepsi and Pizza
Let us do everything for ourselves
And still have the guts to say that
'Love thy neighbour'…

Saturday, November 3, 2007

... and you are the flow

There was sky above you
and I am not sure
what was lying beneath you.

A poetical guess says that
the answer can be
a vibrant river,
flowing from the past
through the present
to the future...

can't just take off..

I today saw a child
waving at the landing flights.

I am sure that once if they land
on her warm eyes,
it would be really difficult for them to
take off further...

silence please...s...

what else can be there
except a deep silence,
when a storm passes
without leaving any traces back...