Wednesday, July 29, 2009

answering rain...

Having some pre monsoon rains,
our farmers tilled the whole patch of dry land
to sow for the only season of the year.

But then they were all deceived as the monsoon
never reached their rain shadowed land.

It is then I received your message
questioning me,
‘Have you noticed that every raindrop
when hits the surface
makes a crown shape,
just for a fraction of second?’

I decided to keep the question unanswered.

I was not allowed to be in that comfort for long.
It rained heavily in the same evening,
making all those crowns across the sown lands.

I should be meeting you at least before the harvest.


By the time I learn all your answers,

you would have forgotten all my questions.


By the time I remember all my stories

to be told,

you would have unlearnt

the art of listening.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

... not an auto response

one of my friends tried defining herself recently
and was left at the crossroad finally

Thursday, July 23, 2009

on the way...

Winter dogs that sleep on the roads

for warm little sunlight,

never care about the speed of our cars.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Raining Window

By then we had a windowed hut

on the banks of the rediscovered river.

You were sitting on the window side.

I was lying down and looking at the

dripping roof.

‘Hey come and see…

It is violently raining’

I too came to the window.

‘I agree that it is raining heavily,

but it is not violent’

‘You remember last evening’s drizzling?’


‘How tender it was!

We could even see the ripples it made in the river.

You too had a drizzle like voice at that time,

Wasn’t that beautiful than this violent rain?’

‘That’s when you compare.

There are only good things in this world.

Nothing is better than the other’

‘Don’t be so philosophical’

‘I am not’

‘Then tell me… What do you think about me?’

‘You are beyond these good and better.

You are THE incomparable’

‘That’s a perfect lie, ha?’

‘No it’s a truth’


‘Yeah but genetically modified.


I am sure you do remember that

half bitten apple?’



‘By the way, why did not you reveal

what happened to that apple?’

‘Simple… I ate it’

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Rediscovered River

‘You should not be silent for this long’

‘It’s just because your ghost can’t traverse in my sphere anymore’

‘I am very much a reality’

‘You were about to be. But when you reached the entrance, you turned
back and went into your grave again’

‘That’s your misperception. I here live in a heaven’

‘I know that you are ought to live in A heaven but not in THE heaven’

‘So, your words were to keep the ghost aside’

‘No, they were to keep the ghost my side and then to manifest into my reality’

‘Do you feel that you failed?’

‘Not me but my words’

‘Were they yours?’

‘Of course not’


‘My efforts to own them led to their failure’

‘Try disowning’

‘I never owned them indeed’

‘It seems you are beginning to blame the non-existent’

‘I can’t blame myself’

‘What’s your problem then?’

‘I never told I have a problem’

‘Look. I can’t help you if you are trapped in the circle drawn by yourself’

‘I did draw the circle, but from outside. When the circle is
completed, I could see myself too being outside’

‘You are absolutely a mirage’


‘Your smile is unbearable’

‘For me too’

‘Then stop smiling and say something’

‘Inky pinky ponky,
father bought a donkey,
donkey died,
father cried,
inky pinky ponky’

‘What does that mean?’

‘It means life is all about restarting and reliving’


‘But your smile is more than bearable. A half ripple…’



‘Why do you name this piece as The Rediscovered River?’

‘Because I just rediscovered a long steady river’

Monday, July 6, 2009

The lost river...

We decided to break the wall
from both the sides.
By the time we could make
some major damages to it,
our parts of river started gushing through the gaps.
And suddenly we realized ourselves
left amidst the remnants of an archaic wall.
We expected a united river
when the wall is broken, but
the whole river in turn got drained out.
I saw myself sitting on an island,
surrounded by a deep sea.
For you it was an oasis,
surrounded by a great desert.
There were the tidal noise and the desert silence
existing in between us.

‘Do you feel that we became silent
all of a sudden?’

‘No, I just think that we were more expressive
when the wall was there’

‘So, how do you feel now?’

‘I feel to be on the edges,
like a person trying to sleep
in a snake-entered house,
knowing a part imperfectly’


‘How do you feel?’

‘I do feel to be on the edges,
but like a person on the top of a mountain
below a moon-entered sky,
watching the whole perfectly’

‘What’s the difference?’

‘I don’t know about the differences,
but there is a similarity…’


‘…that neither of us can
step down further’