Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Raining Window

By then we had a windowed hut

on the banks of the rediscovered river.

You were sitting on the window side.

I was lying down and looking at the

dripping roof.

‘Hey come and see…

It is violently raining’

I too came to the window.

‘I agree that it is raining heavily,

but it is not violent’

‘You remember last evening’s drizzling?’


‘How tender it was!

We could even see the ripples it made in the river.

You too had a drizzle like voice at that time,

Wasn’t that beautiful than this violent rain?’

‘That’s when you compare.

There are only good things in this world.

Nothing is better than the other’

‘Don’t be so philosophical’

‘I am not’

‘Then tell me… What do you think about me?’

‘You are beyond these good and better.

You are THE incomparable’

‘That’s a perfect lie, ha?’

‘No it’s a truth’


‘Yeah but genetically modified.


I am sure you do remember that

half bitten apple?’



‘By the way, why did not you reveal

what happened to that apple?’

‘Simple… I ate it’


extremity said...

every single line renders a picture perfect image.this is so beautiful.and i just wonder hw u connect all the present wth the previous.thats d MAGIC side !! as if it was all predetermined or was it ?

ஸ்வரூப் said...

it happens it seems...

Imagiantion said...

Trying to look to the picturesque moments thorough your words! I really wonder why do we end up comparing, can't we look at the beauty of things at that particular moment.
Amazing as usual.........

still thinking !!! said...

hahaha magic realism :)