Wednesday, December 16, 2015

a journey... few words...

Good or bad
the road doesn't matter
as long as
the journey brings you
those dark shadowed trees.

The evening said
that it hasn't seen the moon
for a while
as the moon slowly drifted
behind those
colour-filled clouds.

When the moon is
journeying with you
what else can one do
except being
with the stars.

When the moon becomes a boat
and the sky an ocean
one is tempted to
reach out
to those drowning stars.

I first saw a shooting-star falling
and she saw a raising one.
The moon was just silent.

When she saw a rainbow
in the night sky,
I saw those colours
trying to
enter her eyes.

I sent few words
that reached her.
The ones that didn't reach her,
flew towards the twinkling stars
to fill their gaps.
When she started copying those words,
their meanings started jumping out
and playing with each other.
Forgetting her task,
she then joined them.

A word that ignites
a smile
can burn its meaning
to be born again.

A street lamp.
A star.
And they talk to each other.
So bright is their language.