Thursday, July 23, 2015

half-bitten apple

Sitting on the roof-top-garden restaurant
Just above the 128th floor of the building
I told him
“I think I am bitten by
the half-bitten apple”

“You think?!”

isn't that we normally do,

“Hmm... when and how did it happen”

“I didn't know it was the garden of Eden then”

“Oh that place!
We all quite know it.
A not-so-dense forest
where Adam and Eve used to
run around the trees and
sing duets”

“Yeah, the same place”


“I was just walking by and saw this
serpentine creature”

“The Satan?”

“No, the serpent”


“He warned me not to roam around
and it's better to be out of the garden”

“Ah! Atypical”

I asked him why and he replied
anyway that's what is going to happen,
over the fence
out of the garden”


“I just ignored him and continued walking
and it's then I saw this
half-bitten apple
on the ground.
In fact, there were many
thrown around on the leaf litter
as if they were organised so
to catch one's attention”


“I am not sure if it is interesting.
I picked up this one
and dreaming of a possible-Eve
attempted to bite,
I mean eat...
It's then the apple
bit me
on my nose”

“Oops... then?”

“There was no then.
I just remember that
I was already looking at this
vast and resourceful world outside the garden
and wanting to conquer it all”

“Nothing but natural”

“Is it so?”

“That's what they say”

I indeed jumped over the fence and
on my landing I felt this great urge
to shout...
and I did”

“Why 'YOU' can!
Why not 'I' can?”

“No, I then felt this
beautiful divide between
me and myself.
So the 'YOU'
and the say unto myself”


“But you know what,
after my shouting
I heard this Satan...
I mean the serpent
murmuring something”


I asked him to say it aloud”

“Did he?”

He laughed sarcastically
and shouted back at me
'Yes my dear,
you can but only if
you sustain”



“So the story ends here?”


“But what did you respond”

“I didn't.
Why should I?
It was anyway a grammatically wrong sentence.
How can he use sustain there?
He should have used survive...
Faulty rhyming...”