Friday, March 16, 2012

mirroring . . .

'How is the other aspect of life, 
asked my bachelor friend the other day. 

'That is a roller coaster ride', 
I said. 

'So where are you at this point of time, 
crest or trough?' 

'On a high note...' 
I smiled and added, 
'That may turn opposite at any point and 
that is what the challenging part of it' 

'OK, but ...... 
can't there be a smooth ride?' 

'No, there can't be' 

'Why so?' 

'Because, it is something that travels on two parallel tracks, 
which look alike but are not the same' 

'I couldn't get that', 
he became restless. 

'I mean that the life after marriage 
depends upon two persons who may look alike 
but are not the same. 
So differences are common...' 

'I really do not know how to understand your condition. 
Do you want to say that there is 
no possibility of having sameness?' 

so the boat rocks' 

'So the generalisation which follows is that - 
Marriages can not make one happy, 
isn't it?' 

'No, marriages need not make one only happy, 
will be the generalisation' 

'Then what is the purpose of 
getting married?' 

'It is like looking at the mirror, 
what do you think the purpose is?' 

'That is what I am trying to find out?' 

'It is to look at yourself, 
admire the beauty and 
worry about the ugliness at times 
and also to realise that 
one is both beautiful and ugly' 


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let it be . . .

Let those stray birds flock again in your branches

Let the wind flow through their feathers

Let the heap of withered leaves under your autumn branches
be another mountain for the moon to raise from behind

Let the song of rain sung for the first time

When the night falls down,
let the song carry the darkness and keep your branches
brighter than ever before

Let the world stay calm that it
will listen to your growing desires and thus
unexpect your fruits

Let the greatest soul give the river
another chance to flow by your side

Let children throw your seeds into the river
that reaches places

Let no bridges built across our river
as we ensure its flow
by being on its two different banks

Let you raise again and again in love and

Let you grow again and again till the time ceases

Let faces fade in and fade out
and the memories too

Let you be everywhere
and thus be nowhere in this conscious game