Saturday, December 14, 2013

You Me Us

knowing me
knowing you
knowing us
i would like to say
i don't know what you know about me
you don't know what i know about you
we don't know whether the phenomenon
called 'us'
even exists...


Thursday, November 14, 2013

the first song . . .

i thus wrote the first song for you
filling it with
the burdened silence
of unuttered words
and their endless meanings.
and when you open your sky
to listen to its longing,
the song will discover its tune
and the endless music it possesses.


moon-tree series

The moon is burning
as a lone tree
and the stars are disappearing
as withering leaves.
I am not complaining
that the night
without you
is so long.


seas, shores and boats

At first there was
only one sea.
Then there happened
a pair of seas,
one for you
and one for me.
And then
there were many seas
coming up
on the basis of
everybody's need
just to be followed by
the aimless boats
wandering everywhere
without knowing
whose who
is on which shore?


Friday, November 8, 2013


Once we happened to cross an un-moving silent river
that reflected the night sky.

'It is a beautiful river', you said.

'A river? how can you say that? it is still...'
I looked at you with my eyes wide open.

'Yeah! It is still a river',
you smiled and added,
'just that the whole universe is flowing through it'.


naturally . . .

I keep a pile of words
on your sleeping eyes,
which then start playing
with your rhythmic breathe.
When you wake up,
trap them with your smile
and put them on your
yet-to-finish breakfast table.
Let the morning sun
savour some meanings.



Once, by listening to the wind,
you said that I'm also with it.
And when asked
how did you know about it,
you just started telling about
your journeys on the wind in return.
Not sure if the wind did smile at that.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Feathering Away . . .

A forest to get lost
A sky to wander around
A river to get drenched and revive.
The feathers
that are spread in between
your smile and your silence
are innumerable.
And by gathering them,
I now try to make
a pair of wings
a boat
and a compass.


She And Sea . . .

as the meaning of the poems
that the sea wrote in between the waves
reach the shore as foam
the girl who just built her sand house
takes the foam to draw
in front of her small courtyard
and by shifting each of the poem
to the little girl's house
the sea roars.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

zhun - 2

the first star has
as much as colours that
the evening sky possesses...


zhun - 1

the moon was wet
and the towel is dry.
one is to take bath
without the eye.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

moon-tree . . .

clear sky of
the rain-stopped-night.
the tree in front
hides the moon
that has just come out
of the clouds.

looking at the moon
through the leaves
you are asking,
'is the moon grown
in the tree?'.

as i smile at you in silence
you take my hand in yours
to say
'no, the tree has grown in the moon'.

you too start smiling
with that revelation
as my space gets
filled with
the moon-tree.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

again . . .

a path where the rain has played
the mind wears out as i walk
only the wetness remains


Thursday, May 16, 2013

the zhun song...

You are a beautiful song
that lies within.
And I am
the journey of music
that tries
to bring you out.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

moontoxicating . . .

We both were counting the stars
of the moonless sky.
When the moon appeared,
we plucked all
the counted stars
and then planted them
in our garden,
just to intoxicate
the moon
with the fragrance
of blooming stars.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ichhe daana . . .

The wings of wishes
that flew from your
night's sky,
reached the branch
of my early morning
to tell the stories
of wishes
that are fulfilled
yet not.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I recently
jumped out of my way
to be back
on the known path.
Not that
known paths are
safe and comfortable,
they are at times
Even the rare companions
of the unknown way
share their fears
of being lonely and
not seeing an end.

The other day
I met this friend of mine,
who has never missed her way
though she meets us
here are there
in our known paths.

'So, how does it feel
to be back on the
known path
from your way?',
she asked
with a smile
beyond meanings.

'It feels a kind of
loss of ground'

'Does that mean
you are flying?'

'No, floating'

'Floating and thus
moving with the flow?'

'Not exactly.
This floating is
something like
wandering with the wind'

'Being weightless'

'No, burdensome'

'Why so?'

with every strong wind
one is thrown
from one extreme
to the other
and always falls
on the face'

She then took me
for a short walk
under the
moonless sky of
countless stars.
The sky
with its vastness
closes many ways
and opens the right door
when one needs it
the most.

Observing my wonder,
she added,
'This is called
One, at times,
needs to withdraw
from the light
to be able to see things
that are around.
The enlightening moon
is blinding
and forces you
not to see the stars'

That restored my smile
as I said,
'Ah! That's so profound
my dear'

She could trace
in my eyes
my explorations
in the unknown way
and the huge disconnect
with this known path.

'When released
from its cage,
an animal
has two options,
either to go back to the forest
or to get tamed.
for all so called reasons,
have chosen
what is good for others'

I could just look at her
with a strange calmness.

She wanted to leave
as if she has felt
a huge urge to
move beyond.
'This time
I will tell you something
that is not profound
but simple',
she already had a parting smile.

'When one forces oneself
to be away
from one's own way,
one does not just
forget the way
but also forgets
where one has
come from'

So confused
with its simplicity,
I asked my
last stupid question.
'But my friend,
what about the goal?'

Filling me
with her warmth,
she asked back,
'Isn't way the goal,
my dear?'


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


As we were talking
about the sounds
of the night after the rain,
you saw the rising moon
and I saw your seeing it.
Let it now rain a little
in the moon too.


Saturday, February 23, 2013


You plucked and ate the sun
that was grown
on your way out
from the forest.
The green filled way 
gradually faded
to become the known darkness.
And then the colours
of you and me
entered each other
to create another evening...


who knows?

What shall we call
the sea
that came out
of its sphere
and is wandering
in search of the river?


Friday, February 22, 2013


And when we finally met
at the sea
there were those
endless waves
a deep calmness too...


Monday, February 18, 2013

ah! :-)

'Is life all about memories?',
I casually asked her this morning.

'No, it is all about
remembering to forget',
she said.

And I am not sure
why did she have that
absorbing smile...


to start with...

'There is always a way
to any place on this earth',
she began
as we were looking at her with a
'Which way?' question.

'From the sky',
she smiled
and then the pulsating drum
showed us the way.


Friday, February 8, 2013


a forest that waits
a path that flows inside it
a journey that becomes omnipresent
here i am
there you are
and in between us,
the language...


present continuos...

the decent forest
started growing into
a wild one
as you
looked upon...