Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I recently
jumped out of my way
to be back
on the known path.
Not that
known paths are
safe and comfortable,
they are at times
Even the rare companions
of the unknown way
share their fears
of being lonely and
not seeing an end.

The other day
I met this friend of mine,
who has never missed her way
though she meets us
here are there
in our known paths.

'So, how does it feel
to be back on the
known path
from your way?',
she asked
with a smile
beyond meanings.

'It feels a kind of
loss of ground'

'Does that mean
you are flying?'

'No, floating'

'Floating and thus
moving with the flow?'

'Not exactly.
This floating is
something like
wandering with the wind'

'Being weightless'

'No, burdensome'

'Why so?'

with every strong wind
one is thrown
from one extreme
to the other
and always falls
on the face'

She then took me
for a short walk
under the
moonless sky of
countless stars.
The sky
with its vastness
closes many ways
and opens the right door
when one needs it
the most.

Observing my wonder,
she added,
'This is called
One, at times,
needs to withdraw
from the light
to be able to see things
that are around.
The enlightening moon
is blinding
and forces you
not to see the stars'

That restored my smile
as I said,
'Ah! That's so profound
my dear'

She could trace
in my eyes
my explorations
in the unknown way
and the huge disconnect
with this known path.

'When released
from its cage,
an animal
has two options,
either to go back to the forest
or to get tamed.
for all so called reasons,
have chosen
what is good for others'

I could just look at her
with a strange calmness.

She wanted to leave
as if she has felt
a huge urge to
move beyond.
'This time
I will tell you something
that is not profound
but simple',
she already had a parting smile.

'When one forces oneself
to be away
from one's own way,
one does not just
forget the way
but also forgets
where one has
come from'

So confused
with its simplicity,
I asked my
last stupid question.
'But my friend,
what about the goal?'

Filling me
with her warmth,
she asked back,
'Isn't way the goal,
my dear?'


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