Thursday, November 14, 2013

the first song . . .

i thus wrote the first song for you
filling it with
the burdened silence
of unuttered words
and their endless meanings.
and when you open your sky
to listen to its longing,
the song will discover its tune
and the endless music it possesses.


moon-tree series

The moon is burning
as a lone tree
and the stars are disappearing
as withering leaves.
I am not complaining
that the night
without you
is so long.


seas, shores and boats

At first there was
only one sea.
Then there happened
a pair of seas,
one for you
and one for me.
And then
there were many seas
coming up
on the basis of
everybody's need
just to be followed by
the aimless boats
wandering everywhere
without knowing
whose who
is on which shore?


Friday, November 8, 2013


Once we happened to cross an un-moving silent river
that reflected the night sky.

'It is a beautiful river', you said.

'A river? how can you say that? it is still...'
I looked at you with my eyes wide open.

'Yeah! It is still a river',
you smiled and added,
'just that the whole universe is flowing through it'.


naturally . . .

I keep a pile of words
on your sleeping eyes,
which then start playing
with your rhythmic breathe.
When you wake up,
trap them with your smile
and put them on your
yet-to-finish breakfast table.
Let the morning sun
savour some meanings.



Once, by listening to the wind,
you said that I'm also with it.
And when asked
how did you know about it,
you just started telling about
your journeys on the wind in return.
Not sure if the wind did smile at that.