Wednesday, July 29, 2009

answering rain...

Having some pre monsoon rains,
our farmers tilled the whole patch of dry land
to sow for the only season of the year.

But then they were all deceived as the monsoon
never reached their rain shadowed land.

It is then I received your message
questioning me,
‘Have you noticed that every raindrop
when hits the surface
makes a crown shape,
just for a fraction of second?’

I decided to keep the question unanswered.

I was not allowed to be in that comfort for long.
It rained heavily in the same evening,
making all those crowns across the sown lands.

I should be meeting you at least before the harvest.


extremity said...

let it rain until the earth shivers :)

and crowns all over the sown lands..beautiful..

btw,wat was the comfort u were havng wen u kept the question unanswered ? didn get that part

Imagination said...

i am wondering you is more content the farmers or you :-)

P. Venugopal said...


extremity said...

no new posts? still in the hangover of rain ?