Saturday, November 17, 2007

In the name of...

Let us have the first cup of our tea today
Lying down on our relaxed chair
As our mothers and sisters are not the ones who got raped

Let anything be the reason…
Communal violence or the so called economic development
It has not strip teased our daughters yet

Let us wish a good day to each other
And then share our sympathies over the abducted ones
Just before getting into our safety 'nets'

Let us continue to work from our 'workshops'
And still be socially sensitive
As we are assured of reaching home safer and so our spouses

Let us raise our voice against all the injustices
And not the hands, not even the eyes…
As to do justice to our personal comfort

In the name of Vodafone
In the name of God
In the name of Google
In the name of Development
In the name of Pepsi and Pizza
Let us do everything for ourselves
And still have the guts to say that
'Love thy neighbour'…

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