Saturday, September 22, 2007


That was a morning. I was walking with my cousin and we were on the way to our office. A typical sunny day. It was an uncultured (!) way. There was a man standing on the road and directing his friend to go to some place. He was very much dynamic and I took utmost care while crossing him. Despite of me taking care, he suddenly turned, with the right hand held straight up, to show his friend the exact place. That was enough for his hand to hit my face. The hit was exactly on the lips. The lower one smashed with my teeth and some droplets of blood flowered out of my lips.

Yes, what you think is right… He just uttered a word “Sorry…” and turned again to his friend to continue to be the messiah. I took my kerchief out, wiped the first drop of blood, second, third… Finally it stopped when my kerchief got six blood spots. I told my cousin, “At least he had the mind to tell a sorry to me”. He just smiled and started telling another story. That is what I actually wanted to share with you.

He started like this, “When ever I hear someone saying sorry for committing any mistake, I get tempted to laugh”.

I asked him, “Why?”.

“There was a manager in Vadakkencherry (our native town in Kerala) VVR shop, named_______ (I don’t remember it now)”.

I was just curious, “What happened with him?”.

“That was a rainy day of Kerala. This guy was sitting in his shop. There was a passerby stopped a little near to the shop and started urinating (Of course that was a rainy day!). The so called manager of the shop could not bear the scene that a third party (even he himself could not do that!) urinating on the walls of his shop. He came out of the shop and neared that man. By that time the other has fully responded to the nature’s call. That was really a hilarious situation. He asked that guy, ‘You fool! What are you doing here? Don’t you have sense that it’s not the place for urinating?’. The passerby was in a great relaxation after the task. He casually looked at the manager and uttered carelessly… ‘Sorry!’. It made our manager more irritated. He fired his next question, ‘You idiot… Will the smell of your urine goes off when you just tell a sorry?’. Wow… that was really a nice question. This time the man was answerless. I really could not control myself from laughing out loudly. After that incident whenever I come across a sorry I just get tempted to laugh and of course try to control myself with a smile”.

That was really a good story to remember. So I just need all of you to remember this story before you utter a SORRY to others.

And… and… I am really SORRY for making you to read this story.

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