Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Pointing to a distant green land,
beyond the river,
I remember once you told,
that's where you reside.
In that mid summer,
the river was just a dry sand path.
We then naturally parted.
I was again reminded of you,
when the south west monsoon started.
I rushed to get to see you.
By reaching the place of our parting,
I got to see an overflowing river,
having no banks.
Drenched under the pouring sky,
I was ought to think
one of my friends asking me a question,
'How far a lizard can run?',
without letting me to think
he answered it himself,
'Not beyond the fence...'


still thinking !!! said...

i loved this

Extremity said...

and we will struggle to move nevrtheless..
'life' as it is simply called..