Thursday, January 7, 2010

the white sheet

That was a misty winter night
We of course lit the fire together
Just little fire and
more and more unjust smoke.
Not sure that we tried to
flame it up
for once we threw our firewood
in the greater sea.
What remained was then
a combination of mist and smoke.
Little white and little grey.
But tell me one thing,
was that really a milky white sheet,
covering us in those moments?



Me said...
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Binu said...

and we happened to be the dream...

Kriti said...

The milky white sheet was stained,
Rest was all pure like a prayer,
So let the dream continue

Imagination said...

Very nice!
We often confuse the byproduct (milky white sheet) as the determinant of our situations and circumstances. It is only our thoughts that determine the happenings in a particular moment.

கவின் said...

colour full.