Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the flower's sky

“As our story is now perfectly told,
you writing another line
will be like
another rain drop
on an already burdened flower”

“Do you think
the next drop will break the stem
and kill the flower?”

“No my dear,
any more rain drop
on an over-burdened flower
will make it totally unburdened
and the flower may fly away
to the spring’s sky”



Sid said...

Lovely thoughts Binu..Wouldn't like to be so awake that everything seems illusionary!

கவின் said...

really nice.
feeling the excellence of poetry
like a flying flower.
real love can do this amazements.

Poornima said...

you write brilliant words Binu! keep it rolling

ஸ்வரூப் said...

Thank you Sid, Kavin and Poorni for the comments...

Imagination said...

And who knows the flying flower may help to start another story ....becoming the part of The Continuum :-)

கவின் said...

there should be no thanks for comments meanwhile we are not thanking you for giving such an excellent poem(s). its all about sharing. drink complan. do good.

Rohit said...

Nice work.
I was wondering if complan can help writing? :-)

Sumi said...

arent u supposed to write somthng about echoes or silence or watever ? :P