Wednesday, July 28, 2010

rain shadow . . .

I live in a far away dry-land

and you in the midst of the rain-forest.

We could still relate to each other.

I thus started weaving a carpet

to lay in the sphere in between

so as to make our transgressions

a comfortable affair.

I did of course weave the carpet with

facts and fiction

which you preferred to call truth and lies.

On your way to reach the middle-path

you admired those fictional threads

as shiny and smooth.

But when you are back in the rain

you are telling me that

I should have not lied to you.

I have nothing to say in response,

just remember those little violet flowers

that have blossomed on both sides of the way

when you headed back.



Kalpana said...

Poet is back in form after a long time :-)

WonderEye-d said...

and when he is, he indeed is.

poorni said...

Hmmmm... wonder y fiction is more dear than facts :)) nice

Susannah said...

I just found your blog and I am really enjoying your writing. I will be visiting again. :-)