Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ivan . . .

The school was on the top of the mountain
There was a disciplined silence prevailing in the class
Then there was this teacher and the student

‘What is your name?’,
asked the teacher.

The student just blinked.

‘What is your father?’,
came the next question.

He blinked twice this time.

‘Can’t you speak the truth?’,
an unnecessary advice filled the gap.

The whole class remained silent
and was waiting for the sermon.

‘It’s too much now,
why can’t you answer these simple questions?’
yelled the teacher.

‘No sir, I am just wondering
at all the possible answers
for your simple questions!’
he responded quietly.

‘This is complete indiscipline’

‘No sir, back home we call this
complete non-discipline’

‘Where is your home?’

He pointed towards the valley
and all the students just rushed out of the class
climbed down the mountain
spread all over the valley with immense joy.



Kalpana said...

Very profound ....satire.... with such deep layers of meaning......

Sumi said...

"the possible answers for the simple questions"

ஸ்வரூப் said...


my name is mani

my name is binu

my name is swaroop

my name is manu

my name is mandi

my name is manuppa