Tuesday, December 18, 2012

c o l o u r s . . .

'We are supposed to
create our own stories.
Look what are we doing,
we are letting others to
create stories
with us being part of them',
I wanted to establish
the philosophical context
of our time-space.

She was but looking at
the west
as the sun started to set.

Intrigued by her calmness,
I too set my vision
on the western sky
and drowned into those
endless shades. 

Restoring myself in a while,
I started collecting
some of the colours in my eyes.

She looked at me with a question.
'Collecting some for you',
I responded.

'Spread them on me',
she said.

And I did exactly what she said,
just to see the colours becoming
more colourful.

As the sky became darker,
all the bright and not-so-bright stars
started staring at us
and kept on wondering about
those two missing stars
from among them.


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