Thursday, May 28, 2015

Story of the ants

Once upon a time
there were ants
lots of them
working all the day
carrying food
from where ever it is available.

Praised to be hard workers
they collected and collected
more and more food than
they can ever eat.

None knew about that
as they never got anything to eat. 
They fed themselves 
with whatever little they found
otherwise on their paths.

All the food they carried
ended up in their ever expanding storage
under the control of 
the much revered queen.

She also did not eat the food. 
She needed only a tiny portion of it. 
She however produced more and more ants
to collect more and more food.

She unknowingly awaited
the larger ants
who always attacked her storage
just before the monsoon, 
shifted all the food
to their ever expanding storage
under the control of
their much revered queen
who also did not eat the food
as she also needed only a tiny portion of it.

She also produced more and more ants. 
And the story goes on...
Wasn't there any reward 
for the hard working ants?

Of course there was...

Upon the very first showers
most of them got beautiful wings
flew towards the brightest future, 
flew and flew
till all of them lost their
beautiful but not-so-strong wings.

The only option then left
was to crawl to death
or to get eaten by
the scorpions that reveal themselves
from the neighbouring lands. 

Did anyone there
asked about the food the ants collected?
Come on! 
You must be joking...
Aren't you?


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