Sunday, April 27, 2008

May I beg your pardon

That day I was waiting in a bus stop

An old woman came to me to seek alms

I refused to give her money
and gestured with my head
to say her to move away from that place

Then came my friend

As being observed my gestures
he said to me
“Yesterday you went to her sister
begging for data to do your
poverty research”

I was not in a mood to argue.
Still, I said to him
“I was intended to help her sister to reduce
their burden of poverty”

My friend had an unbearable smile
and said
“This lady was also intended to help you to reduce
your burden of being rich”

I became restless and uttered
“I am not rich”

He then patted me on my back
and said
“Her sister is also not poor”

“Who decides that?”, I asked

“Not you indeed”, he answered

“Why not I?”, I was furious

“Because, you survive upon the inequalities
and you will never dare to
endeavour towards equalising”,
he was still calm…


parisalkaaran said...

Really u hv something in you!

You'll go to places!

All the best!

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