Sunday, April 27, 2008

parts and whole

My friend few days ago
bought a new camera
Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 megapixel
3x optical zoom with 1 GB memory

He then started clicking
each and everything that
he confronts with

Sun, flower, sky, clouds,
trees, leaves, puppies, dust bin,
tube light, ceiling fan, knife, kitchen,
tomato, spider, the list goes
so…………………. long

I asked him why does he do this,
indeed, the purpose

He then told me that
we need to learn to appreciate
the beauty of all the parts

‘Parts are really beautiful’
was his ultimate message

“If the parts are beautiful,
why can’t the whole also be beautiful?”,
I wanted to trap him

He smiled and said
“ That’s what I mean dear,
if you want to appreciate
the beauty of the whole,
you should first accept that
all parts are equally beautiful”

I was almost about to faint

He then advised me to get
a Sony Cyber-shot
to understand his statement

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