Friday, February 24, 2012

God with the dancing feet . . .

Just after everything has fallen
into the rhythm,
we all started talking
about our Gods.

"My God is innocent",
said the first one.
"She just sits in the centre,
listening to everything
but never lean to any one-side"

"My God is too caring",
started the next one.
"She showers flowers on me
and comes to me
every-time I am unable to walk
by myself"

"My God plays the song of love",
he started explaining  with
shining eyes.
"He makes me love
every small thing on this earth"

"My God is a guide,
he helps me to pass through
those paths
that have never been traversed"

"My God hates rituals"

"My God sleeps on a heap of stories"

"My God is afraid of her own self"

"My God is lazy"

"My God has big ears",
one sounded interesting
amidst the rush of words
to describe our Gods.
"He listens to my music and
he meditates on it"

"My God is trying to be Godot",
one gave the discourse
a literary touch.

"My God is confused and is
always contemplating",
said the last one of us.

And she,
who brought in the rhythm,
was sitting calm
with a warm smile.

When asked about her God,
she said . . .
"My God has dancing feet"
All of us were a bit surprised.
"Ga-ma-la, Ga-ma-la . . .
she dances when I sing.
Dum-dum-dum, Dum-dum-dum . . .
she dances when I beat my drum"

By invoking the silence in all of us,
she concluded . . .
"And that's how my God comes to me,
always with her dancing feet"


1 comment:

கவின் said...

me too feeling the silence - fentabulous..... broken drums symbolysus with a great joy and the extreme pain.....silently!