Monday, February 20, 2012

Sabine . . .

Under the dark-lit
moonless sky,
she joined the single candle
that was struggling to
bring in some light.

Her voice filled in
the space between
drum beats and heart beats.

'Where is this song from?',
he asked.

'From my land',
she smiled.

'And where is that?',
he sounded curious.

She pointed her heart
as the lone candle made the night
brighter than ever before.



Kalpana Bindu said...

Wao this is so nice!
Candle made the light brighter like never before.


Sadaf Hafeez said...

You can sketch vivid scenes with your words. :-)

கவின் said...

kyaa rae ... kalakkal kavithai... for pradhi jenmaaaa.....nannaayittundu...