Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the doors and the darkness

It was an utterly dark night,
with no stars and no moon.
Also our lights went out of charge.
We but stayed back within our spaces,
distant to each other and
identified ourselves by one another’s voice.

It was your turn to put a question
“Why do we need these doors in the darkness?
Don’t you think they stand void in nothingness?”

I was not that trained in answering like you
“The doors are here to curtail the freedom
that the darkness provide.
We too are not that bright from our inside”

I could sense a little annoyance
when you asked
“You like to confuse all the time,
should I curse you to be in darkness forever”

I learnt your smile this time and replied
“Sure… but be aware that
every curse from you makes my space
brighter than before”


Imagination said...

Amazing storytelling...One is ought to visualise the this in form of a live dicourse....

extremity said...

never did i know curses could bright up something :)

Anonymous said...

i wud lik to curse u forever :-)