Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a wall and a forest

There was just a thin line
in between us.
We built a wall over it.
That night we were sitting
on the wall,
having a not-so-perfect
moonlit forest in front of us.

Being set in that poetic sphere,
I asked you
‘What if I get lost into this forest?’

You had your usual smile
before replying me
‘You can’t.
Your fears will bring you back
to this wall’


Anonymous said...

‘Made a wall on a thin line and then sat on the same wall’…..An entirely different connotation of wall. Seldom would have anybody thought of a wall between the two in such a manner—Amazing!

extremity said...

why wud someone wanna build a WALL,that too on a thin line ?
well,u'll b back every time
thats relieving !