Tuesday, June 16, 2009

it has been raining...

Another dark night,
The lantern in your hand created the way for us.

There were signs of a distant rain in the air
and we were walking towards it.

I wanted to hold one of your hands,
But you maintained as if they were your unfolded wings,
I was thus deprived of the warmth of being together.

Our sky got some of the early lightning,
By then the rain too had come towards us and it started drizzling.

Awaken from its yearlong drought,
My earth discovered some drenched words for you.
“Too sad that it’s dark now.
We can only feel but can’t see the rain”

I saw you smiling in the dying light of the lantern.

‘Isn’t it enough that we can feel the rain?’ was the reply
I expected from you.

You but had something else to say
“That’s why we are having these lightning dear,
to see the rain majestically”

And that was a great revelation.
Every lightning from then showed the rain in its wholeness,
from the sky to the earth.

The mischievous mind came up with another question
that I directed towards you
“Why do we have these thunders then?”

You never replied me.
The unanswered question of mine,
flew between us till it seemed to get dissolved in your silence.
One of the lightning showed you fiercely looking at me,
followed by a not-so-musical thunder.

We then did not walk much forward.
At some intuitional point you decided to get back
and I followed you as privileged as ever.
On our way back you held one of my hands
and your hand was still warm enough.

The rain became heavier, I was not actually ready -
to get drenched from the core of my heart as it happened.
One could simply wonder the way you answer me every time


extremity said...

one of the most beautiful writing i hav ever read..unexpected renderings..aren't those the very beauty of life ?

Binu said...

* extremity: Yes they are!

SANDIPAN said...

the imagery is fantastic..so is the symbolic(perhaps)dialogue.....with the abundant freedom and pleasure of vagueness and twilight...great