Saturday, June 27, 2009

A pile of secrets...

‘Am I troubling you too much with my absent-presence?’

‘What if you are?’

‘I wish I am’

‘You are indeed’

‘What are you going to do now?’

‘What am I supposed to do?’

‘It is you who are troubled’

‘But, once you told me that the troubled sea is more fathomable’


‘Let me be troubled’

‘Oh! Leave it’

‘Yes, if you wish’

‘Tell me something, are you attempting to write a gender-neutral stuff?’

‘Why are you asking that?’

‘Then, where have She and He of your narrations gone? Look, what you have written now. It is without She and He, I mean, You and I’

‘Hmm… The She of my poetic sphere has gone away to create her own narrative world’

‘And where is the He?’

‘He too simply followed her to enter that new sphere’

‘Oops! How come He was allowed to enter?’

‘He just needed to throw some stones in a river to make some ripples’

‘Interesting, What is He doing there now?’

‘Looking at the clouds, drenching in the rain and reading her mind just to utter her own words’

‘Do you think He would get some unusual words to weave his poetry from being there?’

‘Yes, He already got A lot…’

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Imagination said...

You have said a lot....and lot to be read ...!

As usual your 'poetic excellence'