Monday, June 29, 2009

yet another game...

We sat then to play the game of dice.
You kept some of your sights as coins,
forcing me to keep my sighs in response.
As the dice rolled, the evening too entered into a gambling night.
Your sights moved forward,
I saw my sighs moving backwards
and reaching the state of breathless.
By the time you reached the centre,
I was thrown beyond the peripheries.
You just closed your eyes as you ended the game,
which somehow left me with another magical dice.
I wish I could start the whole game once again,
not from the beginning but from the end.
See, the first rays of dawn are colouring your face.


Imagination said...

Mysterious and mystifying


extremity said...

yea..mysterious..u ought to throw som light into it..

still thinking !!! said...

I have read it before and i like it...kepp painting