Thursday, June 18, 2009


It was indeed a long-steady river.
We were sitting on a rock in its bank.
I was struggling to find out
towards which direction it flows.

At an unexpected moment you threw that stone into the river.

Ignoring that I raised my doubt to you,
‘Do you know to which direction does this river flow?’

You silently picked up another stone from your collection
and threw it again into the river.

‘Can you see the ripples?’

‘Yes’, I said.

‘What will you call this river now?’

‘May be a rippled-river’, I smiled.

You nodded in agreement and said,
A rippled-river moves towards all the directions,
towards the sea,
towards the banks
and also towards the origin’

I was still wondering
‘But, does moving mean also to be flowing?’

You picked up the third stone,
‘It’s up to you to decide’ -
and threw it as usual into the river,
just to make those eternal ripples.


extremity said...

ho ho ! :)

ஸ்வரூப் said...

*extremity: oh! i can't resist this from happening.

Kavin said...

its your casual style...
and you had found your unique craft on poetry in english... great to haf... my river is rippled with your poems always... huge applaas ...